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9½" Standard Feeder

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9½" Standard Feeder
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This Standard Feeder, crafted from galvanized metal, is 9˝" wide, 3" deep, 6˝" high, and has a 2˝" deep hopper. Feeder hangs on outside, and hopper slides inside through an opening you cut in the cage wire, saving room inside the cage for the rabbit. Alternatively, our feeders now have hooks on the back whereby they can be attached to the wire inside the cage (no need to cut the wire, however it does then require more space inside the cage). 

Fresh feed is kept clean and constantly available. Screen mesh bottom lets fines and dust fall out of the feeder. This is important, as a) fines can quickly mold in humid climates, and b) unless rabbits are very hungry, they almost invariably refuse to eat the fines, and 3) fines can end up choking the hopper, if not screened, reducing or eliminating access to the feed pellets.

The 9.5" feeder is more than ample enough to feed a doe and her litter for at least a day.

If you are shopping for a lop rabbit or one with a thick blocky head, see our Lop Feeders, which come in all sizes.

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