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20 oz. E-Z Crock

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20 oz. E-Z Crock
20 oz E-Z Crock is labeled "A"
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The E-Z Crock is the best food and treat bowl we've seen. It's called E-Z Crock because it easily attaches to the cage, and securely stays in place; yet it’s easy to remove for cleaning and filling. Made of safe, sturdy non-toxic materials; and is dishwasher safe. This size is marked "A" in the photo. 20 oz is 2.5 cups - a LOT of feed, treats or water.

While Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch uses an automatic watering system most of the time, we switch to 20 oz EZ Crocks for supplying water to groups of weanlings in the dead of winter when temperatures drop below freezing.

Note that diehard gnawers and chewers can damage the E-Z Crock, eventually.

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